We adapt our envelope gum formulas to meet your specific needs.

Aabbitt Adhesives formulates envelope gums for a variety of conditions and for every type of envelope folding equipment manufacturer. Because several factors can influence the success of an envelope gum, such as specific climates, seasonal changes, speed of equipment and method of application, we adapt our formulas to take all of these factors into account and meet your specific needs.

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Envelope Industry
Monarch® Resin Dextrin Front Seal Gum Pure Resin Front Seal Gum Crowndex® Low Heat Front Seal Gum
Self-Stick Latex Resin Dextrin Back Seam Nano Tech Resin Extrusion Seam
Mighty Tack® Pressure Sensitive/Peel & Seal Window Gum NanoTech Resin Window Gum
Seal & Reseal Latex Mighty Tack® Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt/Peel & Seal
Open End Back Seam Gum


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